Wednesday, April 2, 2014


4/2/14 Hi guys! I have to first apologize for the mess and confusion the past few weeks! I tried converting to pages, but I found it far more confusing to navigate the site and find new posts that way when I tried it out from your view! I gave it a shot, but after much thought decided to revert back to the format we started out with. So basically I will be adjusting the date to posts that I have added new content to bring it to the top of the feed. Pls bear with me! I am new at this. I'm guess I just need to create a brand new post for each item I add, or at the very least each day that I add content as opposed to over organizing everything like I have been trying to do! (You can imagine how much I do the same exact thing in my day to day life! LOL)  Anyway, hopefully I will have all the bugs worked out soon and will find a concrete way to update and stick with it!  Any suggestions, recommendations, constructive critique and so forth are more than welcome! (As ALWAYS!) I hope you all enjoy your evening, I will keep looking into all this to make it a BREEZE for you all to navigate! :)

3/19/2014 Good evening interwebs! I hope you are all doing well. We are back in town and at it again!  With recent updates made to the Blogger site, I will have the ability to better organize this blog, separating topics into their own pages. Until I'm able to get previous posts transferred over, they will stay on this main page, new posts will be added to their own page. Hopefully I will be able to get the transitioning started this coming weekend. By the way, Naka Kon was AWESOME! The kids and I had a really great time, we got to meet lots of amazing people, including members of the Japanese metal band Destrose! (They were extremely sweet and absolutely adorable!) As wonderful as the weekend was, I AM glad to be home to get some rest! Isn't that how vacations go!? Lol. Well, as always, thank you for your support, and if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to always contact me! Have a great evening lovelies!

3/11/14 Good morning! Just wanted to check in and say I have NOT forgotten about you!We have a lot of preparing for High School next year (NOOOO!), Dr appts, physical therapy and Naka Kan coming up this week!  Needless to say, things are CRAZY around here! But rest assured, things should be back to normal next week. Have a wonderful week, I will try to check in when I'm able. Feel free to drop a line! :)

2/27/14 Hey hey! How is everyone!?  Sick of Winter here, but we're staying BUSY BUSY!  I have tried so hard to keep up with TONS of subscription boxes I went a buried myself under! I think I've decided to pick maybe one a week, which means some of the boxes I didn't get to this month may have to wait until I get a 2nd box. I would rather do reviews within the current month and not be hurried along so that I provide you all with valuable info!  So I guess that is the 1st lesson I've learned as a blogger, lol. I think I may have set the bar a bit too high with around 20+ boxes!  Also, I have decided to save the video reviewing for those companies that provide a box for me to sample for this blog, where as I will continue the text and picture reviews for those boxes I have personally signed up for and paid for myself. (By the way, all the boxes I have reviewed thus far have been my own personal subscriptions to get myself started) However, you can rest assured that anything I post here will be entirely my own opinion, regardless! I hope you all had a wonderful February, and I hope Winter goes and curls up somewhere and dies a slow, agonizing death! Lol. That's all for now ladies and gents! Have a great night! <3 (As always, thank you for your support!!!) *MUAH!*

2/7/2014 Hi everyone! We are up SUPER late tonight because we received lots of goodies in the mail today! We were pretty thrilled. However, Angel wasn't here, so we didn't get video. BUT, we did take LOTS of pictures (which will get posted over the weekend!) Draven and I had lots of fun exploring everything as well as sampling!  I've updated many of the sections today, but there's still LOTS more to come (and always NEW things to add!!), so make sure you check back with us, share and like us on Facebook to stay in the loop! Looks like we're FINALLY heading to bed, but we will be back with lots of NEW content tomorrow!! Thanks again for the love! <3  ~Alexa

And So It Begins!!!

2/5/2014 Good evening! I have finally given in and found a place to get started! (took me long enough, CHOICES!) I'm currently exploring my tools and, hopefully, very soon I will be posting lots of freebies, giveaways, reviews, contests, deals and so on! We are planning video reviews and unboxing videos for some of the exciting subscription boxes I've been raving about. My 13 yo daughter (COMPUTER WHIZ!) has agreed to edit my V-logs, (and I'm sure give them some comedic relief and ZING!) so they should be really fun to watch! Please be sure to add me to your favorites and "like" me on Facebook for all the latest! In the meantime, stay safe and stay warm! <3


  1. I am so excited that you finally started a blog. I am looking forward to your witty, fun, helpful information & ideas.

  2. Aw, Kim! Thanks! You are so sweet. :) I'm waiting to see whether or not I have to work tomorrow be for I get too engaged tonight. :P