Friday, February 21, 2014


Added 2/21/14

Really great idea, and wouldn't be too hard to make! :)

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Added 2/10/14

STOP! Don't throw that spent candle container away! After a being cleaned well, (I usually wash them with HOT soapy water, then throw them in the dishwasher with the rest of my dishes) these are great as craft supply storage (Seen above), filled with decorative items (i.e. potpourri, tinsel, seashells), ingredients for cooking, ect. The possibilities are truly endless! I plan to take some of my Diamond Candle containers and adding a ball of some sort to make them look like Apothecary containers next! Happy Up-cycling! 

Added 2/5/2014
~Bet plenty of us have an ABUNDANCE of the 1st ingredient lying around! Why not put it to use! Just stay away from anything YELLOW!

~Have children who bring home papers that go in the trash, junk mail, pay your bills online? Don't toss that paper! Any paper that comes into my house that is blank on one side goes into my PRINTER tray! If you still print coupons, recipes and other items, or your kids just like to print their creations, reusing these sheets could save you a TON in the long run! I also keep blank return envelopes that I receive in the mail that would otherwise go into the trash, they're (of course) great for mailing, but even the pre addressed ones work well for sending notes/checks/money to school, coupons or general organization!

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