Sunday, February 9, 2014

Out of the Box Review! (LOTS OF PICS! )

February- LoveBug Box

I have to say I was HIGHLY impressed with this box and am planning to order it again next month!  The February Lovebug Box was $27 shipped and, I feel, worth every penny!  It was STUFFED as you can see here!

 View of the box upon opening! I think my son was as excited as I was!


We had a STUFFED white box with a pretty ribbon a medium sized bag and a small bag which contained a treat for our dog, Lola! The bottom picture above is a shot of the inside of the white box! (PACKED!)

 This is a shot of a very cute little kit containing a pendant that you add cross stitching detail to yourself, it came with the string and chain to wear it on!  I think this one with go to my 13 y.o. daughter and will be a hit! 

These are the contents of the "medium sized bag" most of the edibles were in here. IT contained a pink chocolate covered Oreo, a frosted sugar cookie, 2 whiskey salted caramels, a mint and a banana strawberry sucker. (All these, of coarse, were gone by the following day with the help of my son!)

Some of the contents of the white box. a crochet sample (not sure what the intended purpose was here, but will likely become a prop in a childs' toy session of some sort), pink lemonade sugar scrub, heart shaped pink soap, Red Sexy perfume sample (Deep Midnight Perfume Oils' card appears to me RIGHT up my alley!), body butter (Draven and I have NEVER had a body butter that melts on your skin the way this does, VERY nice!), Pink Sugar Roll on perfume, heart magnet, and 2 Vanilla Lavender tea lights, Mint-Rosemary Lip Balm Interesting, but we like it!) 

More of the box contents: Brown Sugar Body Scrub, Ladybug bottle cap magnet, Cherry Bomb wax melt (OMG! This was AMAZING smelling! I plan on buying more of this product!), 2 Chocolate Covered Cherry wax melts (Thankfully, there was a card in the bag that told us they were not edible!  My son and I laughed because we opened it with the intent of eating them because they were shaped like the candy as well! LOL), purple and black beaded earrings (just my style! My son even said "those are perfect for YOU, mom"!), Red Hot Lip Balm, non-edible dog ornament. and Mustard Seed Muscle Soak.

Pink and red beaded earrings (SCREAMED my mom's name, so they are with her now!), coupons, hand scrub, milk facial scrub and bath salts.

A shot of EVERYTHING undone! (Loved the little Thank You card!)

Another shot of everything unwrapped!

Not to mention all the discounts they sent for each retailer that is part of Out of the Box AND the little bags and ribbons which I WILL reuse!! March's box is themed "Puddle Jumpers" and there is talk of a PET themed bog themed "It's Raining Cats and Dogs". I will definitely be purchasing! Visit the site HERE and sign up to be added to their mailing list to hear about giveaways and when the next box is available for purchase (March 3rd), check out contributors and learn more about this awesome box! 


  1. Thanks for the fabulous post about Out Of The Box Sampler. I'm so glad you loved the box and I love seeing all the pictures too!

    1. Thanks for checking it out, Michelle! I really appreciate it! I am new to this, but I am having lots of fun doing it. Oh, and I hope you had a wonderful Bday! :)