Thursday, February 13, 2014

Beauty Box 5 review! (January)

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This month I got to try Beauty Box 5! ($12 per month, or $99 for a whole year!)  I got the January box for free for purchasing the February box because of a promo they were having.


 Here is what the box looked like when it arrived in my mailbox. It was surprisingly small in my opinion.
 Upon opening, I found a cute card on top with some fun text and a list of what I got and the retail value of each item on the other side. (Shown below)
 Fairly nicely packed box. I always love when they add some sort of  "gift filler" like tissue paper or the paper strips like they've done here. (I have a stock pile, will definitely be re-used!)
 Here is everything unboxed. The bath gloves were really quite nice and I like that you get 2. My son immediately wanted to take a bath with these! (His favorite color is GREEN!) They seemed to do a great job at scrubbing off the dead skin. I only tried the little cuticle oil once, but it seemed ok. (I like the one I got from Julep a lot better) LOVE the little H2O body wash, it smells really nice and lathered well. The "That Awkward Moment" pocket mirror probably won't be very useful. I've thrown things like this in my purse before and they tend to get buried and never used. The Hemp lip gloss is great! It really seems to help my son and I with out dry Winter lips. (And doesn't have a weird taste like some other brands we have recently tried) Last product was the Jergens Lotion. Basically what you would expect from Jergens, your typical grocery store level moisturizer. It's not bad, smells nice. However, moisturizer at the lower price point tends to seem very watered down to me. Maybe I've been spoiled with body butters and the like, but I take moisturizing very seriously and do it several times a day, This might be a good size though, to throw in the car as a back up, so it will probably get used eventually.

Finally, the back side of the card with the information for all the items inside the box. I like that they tell you the regular size and price for the samples you receive.

Overall, this is a nice sampling if you want to explore these types of products, but probably will not be one I maintain a subscription to because I tend to spend a little more when it comes to skin care. This could be a box I revisit from time to time though, just to see what they have to offer.

This subscription is $12 a month to $99 per year. You can check it out and sign up (Cancel anytime) HERE

I will be posting my February BB5 review very soon!

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