Wednesday, April 2, 2014

February Splendies Review + COUPON

Splendies is a monthly subscription program that will send you 3 pair of underwear each month. The price is $12, or you can add $2 more to guarantee you will not receive any thong style underwear. MommySplurge also currently has a COUPON for $4 off your 1st order by using the code SPLURGE bringing your total down to $8 for a regular subscription or $10 for the "no thong option"

I was very excited about this subscription because of the nice reviews I had read on other blogs. So when that package came, I was ready to open that bad boy for sure!  Here are your pictures of what I received!

 So, shown above is the mailer everything came in. Nothing spectacular or exciting here really.
 The items were packaged in some pretty red tissue paper, I did appreciate that.
 So, upon 1st glance, I was not really thrilled with the style or quality of any of the pieces. Could have been a little pleased with the purple, had it not had the word on the back side. This is a shot of the front of all the panties.
 A shot of the back of each pair that came in my pack.

 In further inspecting these, the 1st thing that caught my eye was the odd combination of pattern on the primarily black, see through pair. Even in combining patterns, which CAN be cute if done correctly, these were not. I couldn't grasp the concept of putting these two together. The turquoise pair at least worked a little better with the contrasting patterns... BUT....
 As I looked more, I continued to find flaws such as this scrap piece of material attached to a long piece of thread that definitely should have been removed long before it left production.
 A few more defects in this pair, you can see the extra thread around my thumb and the fraying on the hem here.
 Another production flaw, this time in an area that could REALLY cause you issues if you didn't notice and tried to wear these!

 On the final 2 pictures, notice how horribly the inner piece of material that should lay against your sensitive areas and sensitive inner thigh is sewn into the panties. The turquoise lace actually overlaps the lace lining on one side....

Overall, I was highly disappointed in this package and cancelled immediately. These were not even of a quality that I would pay $2 a pair for, and even after the $4 coupon, I still felt that I had paid too much for the quality of product I received. I personally would not feel comfortable in wearing them. Maybe I'm just being picky, or it's hit and miss and I got a really bad package, but I feel that anything that I have purchased to wear in an intimate area should be at least cut and sewn cleanly. I also tend to assume that upon your first month, the company should be showing you the best they have to offer you so that you will stick around, which is even MORE disappointing. Unfortunately, this has to be the first box I've received that I would have to advise against. Happy Tuesday guys and thanks for reading!

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