Saturday, July 5, 2014


Well, my posts will be few and far between for a while I'm afraid! Lightening struck our house this morning and took out pretty much everything, wireless and cable modems, xbox one, xbox 360, every tv in the house, our laptop, the computer and who knows what else we will find.... This has not been a great year for us so far... Hopefully things will fall into place, but I fear it will take a long time. Meanwhile, it will be unlikely that I will have regular access to a computer, or internet connection. Trust me, we can use any help we can get, and I am far from too proud to accept at this point. There are no means to replace all of this and my insurance deductible is out of financial reach... Very depressing and stressful. I certainly hope that all of you have had a better 4th of July weekend than we have had here. I know it could be worse, so I am, at the very least, happy that it's not!  Thanks for listening to me dump guys! Enjoy the rest of your weekends!


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