Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Love with Food Unboxing February!

 Love with Food is another monthly subscription box that sends you 8+ snacks for $10 a month, or if you select the Deluxe Box, you will receive 16-20 snacks for only $17 a month! Each regular box also provides a meal to a hungry child, where a Deluxe Box provides 2, so you can feel good about this subscription in that way as well! This snacks in this box are either organic, GMO free, all natural, gluten-free or free of artificial junk, so you can also feel good about eating, or sharing with your family, what comes IN your box! So lets see what was hiding in that pretty red box, shall we!?

(Use code FBFRIEND for $5 off your 1st box!)

 Here is my box upon opening, really pretty box with a card to tell what was inside!

 Everything as it was packaged. Very pretty box.
Here is everything displayed! I got Beanitos white bean chips (VERY good! They are not as crisp as a tortilla chip, but have a nice off the grill flavor to them, very nice! I love that they contain the protein and fiber of beans!), chocolate covered blueberries from Emily's Chocolates (first things my kids nabbed, the ONE I got was great, lol), Back to Nature Graham Cracker Sticks (delicious snack with some peanut butter!),  Mario Snack Olives (My FAVORITE thing in the box, SO good!), 2 Dark Chocolate Crepe Dentelle (YUM!), 2 TCHO chocolates (Not impressed by these personally), a Love with Food chip clip, and a chocolate chip biscotti (Maybe it's biscotti in general, but these were way too dry for me and I didn't care for it at all)

  Overall, I enjoyed this box and it appeared to be worth the money, they also included a few coupons as well which is always nice. This box also has a points program where you accrue from reviewing your samples and purchasing boxes, they can be redeemed for products from their store!  If you are interested in signing up or checking it out you can do so at this LINK, you can used the code FBFRIEND to receive $5 off your order, which brings the price down to only $5!!!!  Well worth $5 and you can cancel at any time!

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