Wednesday, April 2, 2014

February Triffin Trove Subscription Review!

Triffin Trove review!!
(Note: I received a sample box for the purpose of this review. The opinions and pictures I share with you are, as always, my own)

  Triffin Trove is an Indian themed grocery box! You can sign up for 2 meals a month for $14.99 or 3 meals for $19.99! Choose from Vegetarian, Vegan and Non-Vegetarian meal options. Each box also comes with some lovely Indian items as a gift for you as well as beautiful bags! So lets take a look at what came in this month's box!

 Beautiful box the items came in! (This was inside a postal mailing box when it arrived as well)
 Upon opening, I was delighted to see such a beautiful display!
 Under the pretty wrapping!  Pretty bags were a wonderful surprise!

 Here is the entire box! It came with a bonus bag with a trinket box, an earring bag, and Indian Chai Tea!  There were 2 meals included in my box. Each comes with a shopping list and all the spices and "obscure" items separated in smaller bags along with the recipe card.
 This is one of the bags, which came with a nice card telling all the available recipes for the month.
 Package 1 (Nihari Beef Curry) Smells AMAZING!
 Package 2 (Butter Chicken)

 Here is a better look at the bonus bag and the card that came with it.
 Better shot of the beautiful little earring bag!
 REALLY cool! This is a bag of extra seasonings in case you want to add more, or you drop something! 
This adorable little scroll was also included in the box! My son had a blast writing me notes and rolling them up in this! We loved it!

We really did love this box, it was presented beautifully and with all the extras, was well worth $14.99 in my opinion. If you would like to sign up or check out Triffin Trove, you can do so HERE!

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