Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Plated review for February + new coupon!

Plated is a program that allows you to choose chef created recipes, then sends you top notch ingredients and instructions to make them at home! For this box, I ordered 2 plates Portobello Burgers with Asian Slaw, and 2 plates Roasted Chicken Thighs with Twice Baked Potatoes. YUM!

Was SO excited when this box came! These come on the very day you schedule them to! The days may vary by location, but here I can order for Wed and Sat delivery. As you can see, they are well packed, under the veggies, the chicken was packed with a cold pack to keep it chilled. They guarantee freshness, even if you aren't there to accept the delivery immediately!

Above, you can see the nice LARGE recipe cards. I think you could easily make a nice book out of these if you order regularly. Also, I think you could easily use the recipes over again and furnish your own ingredients. One of the 2 problems I had, was that one of the cards stuck to the top of the packaging, so when I got them out, a small part of the recipe came with it. Not a HUGE deal, but makes things a little more difficult when you get to the step that is unreadable. It was do-able though.

(Left) Everything all together and unpacked! (Right) These are the ingredients unpacked for the Chicken Thighs and Twice Baked Potatoes!

(Left) The chicken thighs unpacked and rinsed. Really nice looking meat, and they sent 4 pieces for 2 plates, which I thought was really generous! (Right) Here are all the veggies prepped and the chicken in the skillet!

 Here is everthing finished and plated! The kids didn't care for the chicken, but my dad really enjoyed it! I don't eat meat, so I can't vouch for the chicken, but the potatoes were really good!

 (Left) All the ingredients unpacked for the Portobello Burgers and Asian Slaw! (Right) Everything finished and plated! These were absolutely DELICIOUS! I LOVED the burgers! These were even great reheated the next day and we had TONS of slaw left over!

Over all, I really loved this box, the ingredients were quality and the directions were not bad. (Just make sure you read through the directions ahead of time, I did have a problem where I had thrown out some marinade because the recipe didn't tell me to reserve it to put in the skillet!) If you are interested in trying Plated, you can do so HERE! Use code GetPlated to get a free trial with 4 plates and just pay $20 for shipping!  GREAT deal!  Just make sure you cancel the auto-delivery and auto-renewal if you don't want these services (Do this under the "membership" tab!) Even without a membership, you can place orders for plates whenever you want! The $10 membership just gets you a discount on each plate.  ENJOY!

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